20/03/2017Sydney Airport Traffic Performance February 2017
17/03/2017Corporate Governance Statement & Appendix 4G
17/03/2017Sydney Airport Annual Report 2016
17/03/2017Sydney Airport Sustainability Report 2016
21/02/2017Sydney Airport appoints new Chief Financial Officer
16/02/2017Traffic performance January 2017
16/02/2017Results for the full year ended 31 December 2016
16/02/20172016 full year results presentation
16/02/2017Appendix 4E & 2016 full year accounts
01/02/2017Notice of 2016 Full Year Results Briefing
20/01/2017Sydney Airport Traffic Performance December 2016
20/12/2016Western Sydney Airport Notice of Intention
20/12/2016Sydney Airport Traffic Performance November 2016
05/12/2016Distribution for Period Ending 31 December 2016
18/11/2016Sydney Airport Traffic Performance October 2016
15/11/2016Appointment of Chief Operating Officer
20/10/2016Sydney Airport Traffic Performance September 2016
17/10/2016Sydney Airport Investor Day presentation
20/09/2016Sydney Airport Traffic Performance August 2016
18/08/2016Sydney Airport - Traffic performance July 2016
18/08/2016Sydney Airport - 2016 half year results presentation
18/08/2016Sydney Airport - Results for the half year ended 30 June
18/08/2016Sydney Airport - Appendix 4D & 2016 half year accounts
11/08/2016Appendix 3B
28/07/2016Notice of 2016 Half Year Results Briefing
20/07/2016Sydney Airport Traffic Performance June 2016
20/06/2016Sydney Airport Traffic Performance May 2016
20/05/2016Sydney Airport 2016 Annual General Meetings Results
20/05/20162016 Chairman and CEO's address to secuityholders
20/05/20162016 Annual General Meeting Presentation
20/05/2016Sydney Airport - Distribution for period ending 30 June 2016
27/04/20162015 Sustainability Report
26/04/2016Sydney Airport completes successful US144A RegS
20/04/2016Sydney Airport Traffic Performance March 2016
15/04/2016Sydney Airport - 2016 Notices of Meeting
05/04/2016Appendix 3X x3
05/04/2016Appendix 3Z x2
05/04/2016Change of Directors for Responsible Entity of SAT1
18/03/2016Sydney Airport - Appendix 4G
18/03/2016Sydney Airport Corporate Governance Statement
18/03/2016Sydney Airport - Annual Report 2015
18/03/2016Sydney Airport - Traffic Performance February 2016
18/02/2016Sydney Airport - Traffic Performance January 2016
18/02/2016Sydney Airport - 2015 Full Year Results Presentation
18/02/2016Sydney Airport - Results for the full year ended 31 Dec 2015
18/02/2016Sydney Airport - Appendix 4E & 2015 Full Year Accounts
12/02/2016Appendix 3Y
12/02/2016Update - Dividend Distribution - SYD
04/02/2016Notice of 2015 Full Year Results Briefing
20/01/2016Sydney Airport Traffic Performance December 2015
18/12/2015Sydney Airport Traffic Performance November 2015
17/12/2015Change of Alternate Director and Secretary for RE of SAT1
17/12/2015Appendix 3Z
17/12/2015Appendix 3X
07/12/2015Distribution for Period Ending 31 December 2015
20/11/2015Sydney Airport Traffic Performance October 2015
12/11/2015SAT1 Compliance Committee
20/10/2015Sydney Airport Traffic Performance September 2015
19/10/2015Western Sydney Airport update
01/10/2015Appendix 3X
01/10/2015Sydney Airport – New Board Appointment Grant Fenn
18/09/2015Sydney Airport Traffic Performance August 2015
17/09/2015Sydney Airport welcomes new Board appointment
28/08/201528-08-15 Appendix 3Y
26/08/2015Appendix 3Y
26/08/201526-08-15 Appendix 3Z
21/08/2015Appendix 3Y
18/08/2015Sydney Airport Appendix 4D 2015 Half Year Results
18/08/201518-08-15 Appendix 3Y Michael Lee 1HY 2015
18/08/2015Sydney Airport Results for the half year ended 30 June 2015
18/08/2015Appendix 3B
18/08/2015Sydney Airport 2015 Half Year Results Presentation
18/08/2015Traffic Performance July 2015
18/08/2015Sydney Airport Announces Landmark Terminal 3 Transaction
11/08/2015Notice of 2015 Half Year Results Briefing
20/07/2015Sydney Airport Traffic Performance June 2015
30/06/2015Sydney Airport - International Aeronautical Agreements
19/06/2015Sydney Airport Traffic Performance May 2015
20/05/2015Sydney Airport Traffic Performance April 2015
14/05/20152015 Annual General Meetings Results
14/05/2015Sydney Airport - Distribution for the period ending 30 June 2015
14/05/20152015 Annual General Meeting Presentation
14/05/20152015 Chairman and CEO’s address to security holders
20/04/2015Sydney Airport Traffic Performance March 2015
17/04/2015Appointment of Sydney Airport Chairman
14/04/2015Sydney Airport - 2015 Notices of Meeting and Proxy Form
07/04/2015Sydney Airport - 2014 Sustainability Report
26/03/2015Sydney Airport - Annual Report 2014
20/03/2015Sydney Airport Traffic Performance February 2015
26/02/2015Sydney Airport - Retirement of Chairman
26/02/2015Sydney Airport - Appendix 4E & Financial Report for Year Ended 31 December 2014
26/02/2015Sydney Airport - Results for Year Ended 31 December 2014
20/02/2015Sydney Airport Traffic Performance January 2015
13/02/2015Appendix 3Y
20/01/2015Sydney Airport - Traffic Performance December 2014
26/02/2015Sydney Airport - 2014 Full Year Results Presentation
26/02/2015Sydney Airport - Pro Forma Financial Statements for Year Ended 31 December 2014
26/02/2015Sydney Airport - SCACH Financial Results for Year Ended 31 December 2014
09/02/2015Sydney Airport - Distribution payment and DRP Results December 2014
03/02/2015Sydney Airport - Notice of 2014 Full Year Results Briefing
19/12/2014Sydney Airport - Traffic Performance November 2014.
20/11/2014Sydney Airport - Traffic Performance October 2014
14/11/2014Sydney Airport - Completion of Small Security Holding Sale Facility
27/10/2014Sydney Airport - Appointment of new CFO
20/10/2014Sydney Airport Traffic Performance September 2014
19/09/2014Small Security Holding Sale Facility
19/09/2014Sydney Airport – Traffic Performance August 2014
04/09/2014Sydney Airport is pleased to announce new duty free partner
21/08/2014Sydney Airport - Appendix 4D
21/08/2014SYD Financial Report half year ended 30 June 2014
21/08/2014Sydney Airport - Results for half year ended 30 June 2014
21/08/2014Sydney Airport - Half year results presentation June 2014
21/08/2014Sydney Airport – Traffic Performance July 2014
19/08/2014Appendix 3Y
18/08/2014Western Sydney airport – Notice to Consult
11/08/2014Resignation of Chief Financial Officer
4/08/2014Notice of 1H14
18/07/2014Sydney Airport – Traffic Performance June 2014
30/06/2014Sydney Airport notes media release on ground transport
24/06/2014Sydney Airport - Distribution Reinvestment Plan reminder
20/06/2014Sydney Airport – Traffic Performance May 2014
15/05/2014Appendix 3Z
15/05/20142014 Annual General Meeting Results
15/05/2014Sydney Airport - Distribution for period ending 30 June 2014
15/05/2014Sydney Airport Traffic - April 2014
15/05/20142014 Annual General Meeting Presentation
06/05/2014Sydney Airport Delivers A$2.5 billion Landmark Refinancing
1/05/2014Sydney Airport – New Board appointment Ann Sherry
17/04/2014Sydney Airport – Traffic Performance March 2014
11/04/2014Sydney Airport – 2014 Notices of Meeting
08/04/2014Appendix 3Y
02/04/2014Appendix 3Z
02/04/2014Appendix 3X
26/03/2014Sydney Airport - Annual Review & Financial Highlights 2013
26/03/2014Sydney Airport - Annual Report 2013
20/03/2014Sydney Airport - SCACH Financial Report Year Ended 31 Dec 2013
20/03/2014Sydney Airport – Traffic Performance February 2014
11/03/2014Sydney Airport welcomes new Board appointment and farewells long term director
26/02/2014Annual Results Presentation 2013
26/02/2014Results for Year Ended 31 December 2013
26/02/2014Pro Forma Financial Statements for Year Ended 31 December 2013
26/02/2014Appendix 4E & Financial Report for Year Ended 31 December 2013
26/02/2014SCACH Financial Results for Year Ended 31 December 2013
25/02/2014Appendix 3Y
20/02/2014Appendix 3Y
20/02/2014Sydney Airport – Traffic Performance January 2014
14/02/2014Sydney Airport Appendix 3B
14/02/2014Sydney Airport Distribution payment and DRP Results
07/02/2014Sydney Airport – Notice of 2013 Full Year Results Briefing
6/02/2014Appendix 3Y
20/01/2014Sydney Airport – Traffic Performance December 2013
17/01/2014Appendix 3Y x5
13/01/2014Sydney Airport - notes completion of the Macquarie Group in-specie distribution
10/12/2013Appendix 3X x7 – Sydney Airport Limited
10/12/2013Appendix 3X x4 – SAT1 Responsible Entity

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